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Oregon Reduces

Building a cultural norm of reuse through the power of community organization. 

How it Works:

  1. Join our community of volunteers. Meet like-minded people, make friends and help unite and build communities through waste reduction.

  2. Contact businesses to build our network. Visit businesses in Oregon to encourage them to join our BYO movement and display the Oregon Reduces sticker to let customers know they offer single-use items only upon request by their customers.

  3. Document your journey. As we build our network, we will update our map of businesses that volunteers recruit to support BYO across Oregon!

Recent Legislative History

Oregon has made tremendous strides recently with regulation and legislation pertaining to allowable reuse of consumer provided containers. 


In February 2023 the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) officially adopted new rules for enabling reusable containers in retail establishments. Before the change, Oregon’s retail food code prevented customers from bringing their own reusable container for shopping in bulk or buying produce. Now consumers are allowed to use their own visually clean container when buying in bulk and shopping for produce, as well as refilling beverage containers. 

On May 8, 2023 the Governor signed into law a bill directing the Oregon Health Authority to adopt new rules allowing consumers to fill their own containers at food establishments. These new rules must go into effect no later than June 30, 2024.

U.S. Reduces Network

Oregon Reduces is part of the larger U.S. Reduces Network, which increases the power and impact of waste reductions efforts by supporting and encouraging organization at the local level. Through neighborhood-based groups that bring together residents and businesses to advocate for positive change, this network is building healthier communities for today and future generations.


Participating Businesses:

We'll begin populating this map in January 2024!


Join an Onboarding Session:

There are three yearly onboarding sessions where WFA will explain the campaign in detail and provide tools for new volunteers to begin their business outreach. If you're curious about this opportunity, consider joining an info session!

Please use these forms to sign up for a date that works for you:


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