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We empower and connect Oregon communities to minimize
over-consumption and waste.

Waste-Free Advocates originally began in 1987 as Recycling Advocates.

The last 36 years have seen tremendous change in Oregon's waste and recycling systems. Check out more of our history here

Did you know?

Garbage Factory


Tons of waste

was generated by Oregonians in 2020 


of U.S solid waste

is foodware and packaging


1 Million

Disposable Cups 

are thrown away in Portland every WEEK

Our Approach

The waste problem can seem overwhelming!

Our approach is to focus on supporting advances in reuse systems, consumer education and government policy. 

We connect with businesses who are building the zero waste economy and with individuals who are building meaningful habits in their own lives.

Looking to reduce your waste? Check out our resource section.

Current Projects and Campaigns:
tara tabling_edited.jpg

Community Tabling

Alaina Labak

To be on the board of Waste-Free Advocates is to be part of a team of problem-solvers and community-builders working together as colleagues and friends each bringing our own unique skills in support of our zero-waste future.


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